Windows 7 Theme

Windows 7 Theme For Vista

Give Vista a Windows 7 facelift!


  • Really complete theme
  • Looks great


  • Installation is a bit complex

Very good

The Windows 7 Theme turns your Vista system into a Windows 7 lookalike. Windows 7 has been released and is a great success, but if you're stuck with a Vista PC for now, you can at least get the sleek new look of Windows 7 with this excellent Windows 7 Theme.

All the icons and wallpapers of the official Windows 7 are included in this Windows 7 Theme, making it impressively comprehensive. The whole task bar is restyled, with sharper edges, rather than the curves of Vista, and the overall effect is excellent.

Some people think there's nothing you can do to improve the much criticized Vista, but the Windows 7 Theme gives it a credible makeover!

Windows 7 Theme


Windows 7 Theme For Vista

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